Democracy and Good Governance

President Paul Biya brought democracy and multiparty system in Cameroon. The president is pursuing our policy of openness to other political parties and civil society by giving priority to dialogue, consultation and participation in seeking solutions to the Nation’s major challenges.

He cancelled all those brutal anti democratic laws that existed in Cameroon. Now Cameroonians can create their political parties and organize their rallies without being brutalized. He also created a very special neutral organ in charge of organizing elections in Cameroon-ELECAM.

President Paul Biya is pursuing the decentralization process by transferring powers from the State to regional and local authorities, which are more conversant with the expectations of the people. Decentralization is already under way with a much greater economic role of regions and the emergence of true local public service that is closer to the people and thus better placed than the national public service to meet their aspirations.

The President is promoting good governance, by stepping up the fight against corruption, without complacency or discrimination and regardless of the social status or political leanings of the persons involved. Never again will anyone consider himself or herself to be above the law.

The President is modernizing our public service and making it more efficient. The public service must be at the service of the public. It must shun the wait-and-see attitude, inertia, conservatism and racketeering, to become more efficient, return to its ethical values, improve its performance to be commensurate with the challenges and resolutely seek to satisfy the general interest.