Foreign Policy

President Paul Biya a peace loving gentleman. He wants peace within our borders and with our neighbors’; peace is a sine qua non for development. Peace, unity and solidarity are values on which we cannot compromise, says our president. President Biya diplomacy is based on principles by continuing to have confidence in the international instruments which States have freely adopted, by continuing the struggle for equity in international relations through equitable sharing of responsibilities among all continents.

The President is pushing on efforts to secure a permanent seat for Africa on the United Nations Security Council. This will also mean continuing to advocate and work for greater solidarity between peoples: solidarity in the fight against poverty and precariousness, solidarity in the face of new environmental challenges, solidarity in the face of threats to peace and, in particular, solidarity in the face of terrorist threats.

President Paul Biya attending the 23rd Conference of Heads of States and Government of AU in Malabo Equatorial Guinea 26th June 2014

The President is fully active on the international scene, through participation in the activities of the United Nations Organization and the African Union, as well as those of the Commonwealth and La Francophonie, and of course those of sub-regional organizations such as CEMAC

President Paul Biya and Pope Francis at the Vatican

President Paul Biya at the 4th EU –African Summit