President Paul Biya is increasing youth employment opportunities. This will require the State to continue playing its role to ensure the fulfillment of the youth and, where necessary, taking special measures such as the special recruitment of 25 000 young graduates into the public service this year. The State will also have to oversee the implementation of a concrete plan for creating several thousand jobs, based on the putting in place of appropriate incentives for the creation of enterprises of all sizes by the private sector and notably by the youth, in all sectors of the economy (agriculture, art, industry and services). The private sector will equally benefit from incentives for job creation, especially for the youth. A reflection and action framework will be put in place to transform the informal sector into a well-organized formal sector that is more consistent with the constraints of young people.

His Excellency President Paul Biya addresses the youths, on the 48th Anniversary of the Cameroonian youths-11th February 2014